Single-cell RNA sequencing is a breakthrough technology enabling transcriptomic and even multi-omics research at the single-cell resolution. It has great potential for understanding cellular heterogeneity, dynamics, and gene regulation, opening new horizons for biomedical applications.

The complementary technology is developing human organoids, the next-level model systems for translational medicine. Organoids grown of human cells in vitro are used to understand the biology of self-organization as well as mechanisms of diseases and provide a new system for drug discovery and testing.


Goals of the meeting:

  • introduce the single-cell and organoids-based approaches to study biology and disease (especially, of the human brain);
  • gather biologists, engineers, chemists, and computational people to dive into scRNAseq technology and data analysis;
  • introduce researchers and engineers to building and applying microfluidics device for single-cell biology.


The meeting will consist of 3 major parts:

September 28, 2018

scRNABIO meeting will gather brilliant speakers in the field of single-cell RNA sequencing and organoids.

September 29-30, 2018

MiniDrops workshop is a workshop taught by William Stephenson and dedicated to building a microfluidic device for the preparation of cells for scRNAseq by his project – miniDrops.

September 30, 2018

Workshop hands-on DIY digital microfluidics is a workshop taught by Mirela Alistar and dedicated to her device aimed to serve as a personal lab.


The meeting is powered by Fabricator / FabLab and our partners.


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